Home Sweet Home Lore Explained



The scariest game ever in Thailand

Home Sweet Home has a storyline like no other. It takes you into the realm of Thai spirits. A very real realm for many modern day Thais, rich in black magic and unique beliefs.

Today we explain the superstitious beliefs as well as the types of ‘ghosts’ and their attributes, featured in this game.

Saroot Tubloy, Game Director explained the storyline behind the game:

“It’s a story about a man who loses his wife from an unspecified reason. He turns to alcohol. One day he wakes up in a mysterious place and must find his way out.”

Some Thai superstitious beliefs are featured in this game that are crucial to the understanding of the story line. Concepts such as making offerings to spirits, and engaging in dark magic to hurt foes.

“There’s the concept of worshipping illogical things, that will bring people comfort, powers or miracles. This is through worshipping spirits by bringing offerings we believe they desire.

In exchange for what the worshipper desires. There’s also the concept of spiritual mediums, or shamans, that may use black magic or potions which could include the use of male and female figures tied together and put underneath a man’s pillow to make that man fall in love with the female who placed it there.”

Ghosts or spirits in Thailand are believed to come in many unique categories. Here are some you will face in the game.

“There will be 3 main spirits you will come across in this game. Firstly the ‘Prate’,

Home Sweet Home Ghost#1: The Giant Spirit

“According to the beliefs of Thais, the ‘Prate’ comes from someone who died with a lot of sin. It could be a thief, or someone who beats their own parents.

Once they die, these sins see them reincarnated into the ‘Prate’ or Giant Spirit. According to lore, the ‘Prate’ has a small mouth and large, palm leaf-sized hands.

It is constantly shrieking in agony, as it is hungry but unable to eat due to its small mouth. Next up is the ‘Dancer Spirit’.”

Home Sweet Home Ghost#2: The Dancer Ghost

“The ‘Dancer Spirit’ is related to traditional Thai dancers. It is a ghost that is quite popular. Dancers are considered beautiful, but in the right setting they can be something quite frightening.

Home Sweet Home Ghost#3: The Sinning Student

“This individual spirit was someone who wanted to harm her friends in life, and resorted to black magic. But what happened was that all the sin and evil backfired.

In Thai lore, if you unsuccessfully use black magic on another, it will come back to haunt you. This is the background of what we have crafted into the game.”

Home Sweet Home is a very unique gaming experience. The initial game has been available on Steam, and will now be available on PS4 and PSVR in North America.



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