Blood Paintings



Darisa ‘Riety’ Karnpoj is a professional freelance illustrator. She paints with blood to ‘capture’ her subject’s ‘soul’.

“Have them all for myself. Capture their soul.”

Riety keeps a sample of the subjects’ handwriting as a way to include them in the creative process. The 26-year-old tells us of her journey to becoming the ‘Painter of Blood’.

“It’s been something that’s always in my mind. I always wanted to draw on a different kind of medium. It’s natural that at one point you wanted to try some of your own body fluids. And blood is something that I tried and I found out that it works.”

But not all blood is the same. Here is what Riety found out after all her experiments.

“The left one has a low hemoglobin level so you can see that her blood is on a light and yellowy tinnish tone. This one is the most healthiest of them all. I used the same paper but her blood blends with the paper so well. This one she has high sugar level in her blood. Her blood is a little bit stickier than others, and it can build up very well. You can see it on her hair, it’s very dense.”

Riety tells us how her journey into blood painting all started with a sickness.

“I was admitted in the hospital, and I saw my blood mixing with the IV fluid. And I thought that…maybe I should try it. The first batch, I contacted around 8 or 9 girls to come in one place and I invited my friend who’s a nurse. I drew only 12 millilitres from each of them. I think in total maybe 100 millilitres. Then I put the blood in the fridge. And then after I finished with the artwork I contacted the venue and the curator and did an exhibition.”

Riety’s exhibition was widely and well received. Many view her as an inspiration.

To see what she will experiment with next, find out more at or check out her instagram @rietyrive


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