5 Proven Benefits Of Coconuts



Coconut products are said to have many interesting health benefits. Some claims are false. But here are some scientifically proven benefits. It’s claimed there are more than 40 health benefits that can be had from coconut products.

But how many of these are true?

Demand is high, with Thailand exporting 118,487 tonnes of coconuts in 2017. There are numerous food and health products that ride on the claimed benefits of coconuts.

Here are at least 5 proven benefits…

Benefit of coconuts#1: Coconut water contains Potassium

Potassium helps support heart health and muscle function. Around 180 mg of potassium can be found in a serving of coconut water.


Benefit of coconuts#2: Coconut water is low in calories

Contrary to some claims, coconut water isn’t proven to increase metabolism and help with weight loss. But it is a wonderfully refreshing drink, that is much lower in calories than soda or sugary drinks.

However, when dealing with packaged variants, make sure to check the label for produce with less than 100 g/ml of sugar.

Benefit of coconuts#3: Coconut water helps rehydrate like sports drinks

Like commercial sports drinks, coconut water contains carbohydrates (glucose), sodium and potassium. One study found that coconut water helps to rehydrate the body in a fashion similar to sports drinks.

Claims that it will ‘improve’ athletic performance, however, have yet to be proven.

Benefit of coconuts#4: Coconuts can lower blood pressure

This is because of, once again, potassium which is shown to lower blood pressure in people with high blood pressure. However, many other fruits contain higher levels of potassium, if one’s goal is to reduce blood pressure.

And maintaining a balanced and varied diet is the best approach.

Benefit of coconuts#5: Coconuts can raise good HDL

Extra virgin coconut oil naturally contains saturated fats, which can increase the good HDL cholesterol in the body. And this, experts believe, could be good for heart health.

Coconut water, oil, meat, shells and husks are the basis for hundreds of products especially in countries like Thailand. Such as…

  • Puddings
  • Ice-cream
  • Smoothies
  • Syrups
  • And jelly

Although they’re enjoyable and tasty, keep in mind that too much coconut may not be healthy. Dieticians say consumption of coconut water, flesh or oil should be kept within the daily caloric requirements.


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