Thai-made ‘Dinsow Mini 2’ Robot Designed For Elderly, Alzheimer’s Care


Bangkok-based CT Asia Robotics has launched the ‘Dinsow Mini 2’ robot, which is equipped with artificial intelligence features and is designed to be a companion for the elderly especially those with Alzheimer’s.

The Dinsow Mini 2 comes with embedded voice recognition, voice command and face recognition and AI features which allow it to learn more about an elderly person’s voice, face, behaviour and lifestyle. The robot also encourages the elderly to do brain exercise.

Cellular capability, Wi-Fi connection and a camera, speaker and touchscreen monitor facilitate communication between elderly and their families, while the robot will immediately alert the family if an urgent incident happens and especially if it detects a difference in the face or unusual behaviour.

Chalermpon Punnotok, chief executive officer of CT Robotics – which has built service robots for MK Restaurants and Sweden’s Robot Restaurant – said the Dinsow Mini 2 represented the first time the company had developed a robot for the mass market, aimed at people with Alzheimer’s.

It was the latest version of the Dinsow Mini robot, which had been used in nearly 20 hospitals in Thailand including Siriraj Hospital and Chulalongkorn Hospital.

“Dinsow Mini 1 is designed for corporate use, especially hospitals in Thailand and in elderly nursing centres in Japan, but Dinsow Mini 2 is designed for home use”, Chalermpon was quoted by the Bangkok Post.

Chalermpon said CT Robotics aimed to sell 5,000 Dinsow Mini 2 units within a year in the four markets of Thailand, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong.

The Dinsow Mini 2 is currently available for THB 65,000 (USD 1,983) instead of the normal THB 85,000 (USD 2,593) price tag, on the occasion of Father’s Day in Thailand on 5 December.


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