What To Look For In A Nutrition Bar


With the variety of nutrition bars in the market nowadays, how can one select a quality bar that is truly nutritious. Nutrition bars come in many shapes and textures and taste and purpose! Some are high in carbohydrates that serves more as an energy bar, some are higher in protein for athletes bulking up, and some are more like a bar-shaped dessert.

The best way to find out is by reading the “Nutrition Label”!

Show Notes:

1.18 min     Types of Nutrition Bars to serve its purpose.
2.50 min     Things to look for in a Nutrition Bar.
3.15 min     Ingredients.
4.14 min     What is Granola ?
6.20 min     Protein Bars.
9.13 min     What is a complete protein?
10.50min    Nutrition Bar or Dessert.
12.40min    Fats in Nutrition Bars.
16.15 min   Fiber Fiber Fiber.
17.15min    Counting Calories.
17.30 min   Making your own Nutrition Bar.
23.15 min   Freezing the Nutrition Bar.



Check the ingredient for whole foods and a more short and simple list. The main ingredients will be listed first in the ingredients list. Try also to select ingredients that are unrefined, for example rolled oats, whole grain cereals, or muesli.

Granolas are rolled oats with a mixture of honey, nuts, seeds, fruits, baked to a crunchy texture. Therefore, be mindful of the amount of sugar that comes along with these tasty granolas.


The sources of protein in a bar can derive from nuts, seeds, grains or protein powders. For a snack bar, try to aim for at least 5 g of protein.  For a meal replacement, aim for more the 15g protein. Protein bars on the other hand should deliver more than 15g and up to 25g per bar at still just under 250 calories per bar roughly.


Calories and sweetness from fruits is going to be different than adding sugar, honey or agave. With fruits, there will be vitamins and minerals that comes along with the natural sugar source If it is a fruit based bar, aim for at most 15g of sugar.


Fats is fine to have in a nutrition bar if its coming from nuts and no added oils. Even if you see the saturated fats on the label, keep it under 10% of the total fats of the bar.


Fiber is, of course, very beneficial for digestive health. Select a bar that has at least 3 grams of fiber.


Considering the purpose the nutrition bar serve, go through the components mentioned above to select a nutrition bar. For snack bars to have between meal, aim for a bar no more than 250 calories. If it is a meal replacement, then it should represent the calories you would consume per meal (400-500 kcal ), and the components we mentioned earlier are in good proportion.

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