Weight Loss Planning: Setting Yourself Up For Success


In this podcast we want to emphasize that every individual is different, so not all weight loss techniques will work for each person. Here we talk about the different techniques of weight loss and examine their pros and cons so that you will be able to create a safe program tailored to your need.

Show Notes

2.35 min     Lifestyle and eating trends in Thailand.
4.14 min     Relatable weight loss experience.
5.40 min     Is weight the only health indicator?
8.35 min     Common diet trends.
14.55 min   Starving and what happens to your body?
17.38 min   Thailand Cave Rescue and their Starvation.
21.20 min   SMART Goals for weight loss.
27.50 min   Example Workout planning tip.

Causes of Obesity

Causes of obesity include lifestyle, minimal physical activity, work that requires one to be stationary in front of computers, putting off meals, as well as grazing on snacks. There’s no quick fix. A successful, healthy weight loss plan involves behavioural changes and healthier diet habits.

Ways People Choose to Lose Weight: No Perfect Way

Diet pills

Diet pills can reduce appetite. They make you feel full therefore you eat less calories.
They can also reduce absorption. Most popular is the ones that inhibits the breaking down of fats, thus intaking less calories from fat. But there are side effects such as missing out on fat soluble vitamins. A third category are pills that increase fat burning: caffeine to help stimulate metabolism. But side effects include anxiety, insomnia, jitteriness.

Diet fads

These diets can help you lose weight fast, even up to 10 pounds in one week but the results may only be from loss in water weight.


Many dieting techniques involve a degree of starvation. Skipping meals, drinking water to feel full, and eating chia seeds to feel full are a few example. But Starvation can have very negative consequence.

Take for example the 12 boys and their coach recently stuck in cave for nine days in Thailand without food, but still accessible to some cave water, their bodies were put in survival mode for a long time, introducing food back into their bodies could be a challenge since they are using energy from they’re fat and protein stores. Anyone without food for more than five days is at risk of developing refeeding problems or what we call Refeeding syndrome.

Our Guidelines To Creating weight loss plan

Successful weight loss stems from behavioural changes or changing habits. 70 percent of success comes from the diet itself while 30 percent will depend on exercise. Set goals using SMART the guidelines.

Learn about them in this episode of the Healthy Nomnoms podcast.


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