Immune Boosting Nomnoms


The immune system is your first line of defense against dangerous microorganisms that can harm your body. All the germs, viruses, bacteria that can cause infections and diseases are prevented and fought off by this system.

Therefore it is very important to keep this system strong and give it all the support it needs so it can keep us clear from falling ill.

Show Notes:

2.45 min          The Immune System
6.00 min          Foods the boost Immune System
12.00 min        Nuts for Immune System
13.25 min        Alicin in Garlic
16.03 min        Probiotics for immune system
19.41 min        Zinc to boost immune system
20.20 min        Rest and exercise for health

What is your immune system?

Our body’s immunes system is comprised of a network of cells, organs, and tissues that coordinate together to seek and eliminate foreign organisms. One of the most important component to this network are the white blood cells that is present throughout the body, acting as our border patrol.

When these white blood cells come across an enemy organism, it will eat it up and break it down and then file and tag the organism so that the body remembers how to destroy it faster the next time it tries to invade the body.

How to boost the body’s immune system?

Every system in our body works in sync with one another and that will include what we put in our body. Certain foods will have certain nutrients that will work as a component in the immune system.

Vitamin C to boost immune system

Immune cells does use vitamin C to perform, especially white blood cells that needs to gobble up pathogens. Vitamin C is thus an important vitamin and antioxidant that can help the body stay strong.

Some common sources of vitamin C will be from citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes), the fresher the better. For adults, the daily requirement will be about 90 mg per day with a limit to no more than 2000 mg per day.

Zinc to boost immune system

Zinc also plays a crucial part in the immune response pathways that not only helps with functions of defense cells but also help balance the immune response so it does not spiral out of control.

Zinc can be found in shellfish such as crabs, clams, and shrimps. Just keep in mind that just eating shellfish or other sources of zinc (nuts, whole grains) in normal daily amounts will be enough to meet the daily requirement of 8-11 mg per day.

Probiotics to boost immune system

As mentioned in previous episodes, probiotics are the “good” bacteria that lives in our gut to help prevent invasions from the harmful bacteria. Fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir, kimchi, and tempeh will be a good source of probiotics.

The good fats to boost immune system

The benefits of eating a balance of good, unsaturated fats, is good for heart health, anti inflammatory, and contains vitamins that act as antioxidants to help keep the body strong. Nuts and seeds such as almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds contain vitamin E that is an antioxidant for the body.

All is said, it brings us back to the idea that eating a balanced diet that consists of fresh unprocessed foods will bring the body the various nutrients it needs to function. Try snacking on something different that is not packaged with nuts or fruits can help the body stay strong and healthy.


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