Foods To Help You Sleep Better


Sleep is very important!

It is the time when your body rest and repairs itself. Not getting enough sleep for whatever reason may lead to many healthy problems.

This episode we will discuss some food options that will help with sleep quality.

Show Notes:

0.50 min          What is insomnia and causes?
4.05 min          Why sleep is important
6.13 min          Foods to help you fall asleep
9.25 min          Sleep Regulating Hormone Melatonin
17.10 min        Boiled Rice for dinner

What is insomnia?

Insomnia can be described as difficulty sleeping or difficulty trying to stay asleep. Individuals can have difficulty trying to fall asleep at night or never getting that deep sleep due to constant waking up through the night.

The root cause of difficulty sleeping can stem from multiple things such as stress, depression, anxiety, medication, physical pain, or just simple an altered sleep cycle.

Why is sleep important?

Sleep is very important for good health and well-being in terms of mental and physical health. During a good sleep is when the brain creates new pathways and prepares itself for the next day, it is the best time the brain processed what was learned.

Sleep is when the physical body makes repairs and stabilize hormones, from repairing blood vessels to balancing hunger hormones.

Not getting enough sleep and rest can affect your performance during the day. The fatigue can lag your train of thought and your reflexes may be slower diminishing driving ability for example.

Foods that can help with sleep

Having a healthy diet affects your whole well-being from performance, heart health, to sleep quality.


Nuts such as almonds and walnuts are filled with unsaturated fats and nutrients that are necessary for the body. Almonds have been studied to have sleep regulating hormone melatonin that can help improve sleep.

Herbal tea

Not to be confused with other teas that will contain caffeine, working against sleep, herbal teas have their sleep promoting properties.

Chamomile, peppermint, clove teas are said to improve sleep due to its antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties. Curl in bed with a book and a cup of herbal tea may help you fall asleep better.


This amino acid is a building block of the hormone melatonin that helps you fall asleep. Having something higher in tryptophan can help you feel more sleepy.

Foods higher in tryptophan includes, meats especially turkey, nuts and seeds, soy, dairy. That is why we all need a nap after that big Thanksgiving turkey meal or a warm glass of milk before bed can help you fall asleep better.

Other tips to help fall asleep

Although food can help with sleep quality, habits and behaviors are also factors to insomnia as well.

The sleep regulating hormone melatonin secrete well in darker environments, so turning off your light for bedtime can help. Reduce screen time before bed and maybe opt for listening to music instead can help the brain calm down.

Try to leave some time between dinner and bedtime to about 4 hours for digestion and reduce the risk of reflux and stomach aches.

However, if stress is the root cause that keeps your mind wandering at night, try tackling the root cause of the stress or try stress reducing technique such as meditation or therapy.

Sleep is very important for our well-being, with our fast paced lifestyle at present, dont forget to give your body a rest to recharge for the new day!


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