Food I Want In My Bug Out Bag


In an emergency situation or natural disaster where you have to abruptly evacuate your home and survive long enough until help arrives, a “bug out bag” or a “grab bag” will come in handy.

Show Notes:

3.12 min          What I want in my bug out bag.
6.15 min          Reasoning for my choices.
12.25 min        Krit Tone’s experience in the 2004 tsunami.
15.35 min        Tools to prepare food.

What is a Bug-Out-Bag?

The purpose of this bug out bag is to last you 72 hours in case of an emergency situation until help arrives. So the bag should contain the necessary survival tools, clothing, and FOOD! All enough to fit in one bag, is lightweight so you can grab in haste.

Usually a bug out bag is prepared in advance and kept in an easily accessible place.  Not that we are anticipating an unfortunate event…but some foods cannot be kept for years without it spoiling, so it is best to renew the food supply or keep in mind what to grab when the moment arrives.

Foods I pick to put in my bug out bag

Cooking tools and utensils aside, when i think about essential foods to keep me alive, I think of the essential nutrients for energy — carbohydrate, fat, protein, and water.


Proper hydration is essential for body functions.

A person can survive with minimal food for weeks – that is if there is enough fluids. I’d grab as many bottles of clean water as I can besides the ones in my bag before running out the door.


Glucose is what fuels our body.

Whether we are sedentary with minimal movement in a shelter or running for safety, a source of carbohydrate that is lightweight and does not easily spoil is what I’ll grab for my bag.

Energy bars, not protein bars, that is high calorie and made up of complex carbs (whole grains, rolled oats, dried fruits) can help save space in the bag.

Another option are dried fruits such as raisins, cranberries and dried papayas that are a source of fructose and can be carried around.


Fat is another high calorie nutrient that can keep us full longer.

If it is just for 3 days or a week, I would grab a bag of mixed nuts or almonds, hazelnut, etc for my source of fiber and fats.

I would know that a handful nuts can help keep me full for several hours and if there are others in need, it will be easy to share in times of need.


Protein is another essential macronutrient because it will provide amino acids as building blocks to many body structures.

Bringing along a protein source can help prolong the time until our own body starts pulling amino acids from within.

A form of preserved meat will be jerky meats. I would just have to make sure that the jerky I choose is not too high in sodium so I don’t dehydrate myself and go through my water supply too fast.

Another source of protein that is plant based are beans, canned baked beans can come in handy now.


For survival, it is good to keep in mind the principles of what foods will help us survive. Once we know, we can focus on the items to grab.

I put emphasis on food items that will not spoil easily and are whole foods so the complex nutrient and fiber can keep me full longer.

Hopefully we never have to grab our bug out bag.


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