Taxi Driver’s Good Deed Convinces American To Retire In Thailand


A Bangkok taxi driver’s good deed in returning nearly USD 10,000 left in his cab, has convinced the American owner of the cash to retire in Thailand.

On Tuesday, while cleaning his vehicle, Weerapon Kamsiri found a bag containing THB 310,000 (USD 9,465) and called the police. They had already been notified of the lost money by Jerry Allen Hart, who had ridden in Weerapon’s taxi to Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Determining that the two amounts matched, officers arranged for the two men to meet at the airport police station that same evening. Hart offered Weerapon a cash reward for returning the money.

Weerapon said he had two other passengers before he cleaned the taxi and discovered the bag, thus he wasn’t sure who had left it behind.

The 74-year-old Hart is a former police officer who’d been visiting Bangkok. The Nation quoted him as saying: “I’d been toying with the idea of spending my retirement in Thailand, but because of this incident I’ve made up my mind to move here.”


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