Over 14,000 Law-Breaking Thai Taxis Dealt Some Karma By Police


Anyone who’s been cheated over a fare or left standing on the side of the road by an unscrupulous, greedy or just plain grumpy Thai taxi driver, can take solace in the news that over the past year more than 14,000 taxi drivers have been arrested and fined for breaking the law.

The announcement came Friday at a press conference held in Bangkok by the Tourist Police Bureau and Department of Land Transport to reveal results of an operation launched last September to clean up the taxi trade.

The Bureau’s deputy commissioner, Pol Maj-Gen Surachet Hakpal, said police from a number of agencies including the tourist police and Department of Land Transport officials had been enforcing the law against taxis so passengers wouldn’t be exploited.

Surachet reported that 4,811 taxi drivers were arrested for refusing to take passengers without justification which was a violation of the Land Traffic Act.

Refusing to use their metre and forcing excessive fares out of passengers was the reason for another 3,277 driver arrests, while 6,159 others were arrested for violating parking bans, not dressing properly and other offences.

According to Surachet, 489 of the drivers had had their public vehicle licence revoked.


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