Night Of Drinking, Arguing And Knife Fighting Has 2 Monks In Big Trouble


Two monks in the central province of Ang Thong have a lot of explaining to do, after a night of drinking and brawling landed them both in hospital with knife wounds.

At around 11 pm Pa Mok district police were called to an incident at Wat Amphawan temple in Moo 1 village where they found a monk covered in blood. 52-year-old Phra Wannop Roengjai had cuts to the head, chin, back and arms and medics performed first aid on him before he was taken to hospital.

Phra Wannop told police he had been drinking with Phra Chuchart Boonloh and they ended up in a dispute before Phra Chuchart attacked him.

The 43-year-old Phra Chuchart, who suffered a large cut to the chest, said Phra Wannop had attacked him with the knife first so he seized the knife and hit him back with it. Phra Chuchart was also sent to hospital.

Police were waiting for the two monks to recover before asking the temple’s abbot to defrock them, after which they would face legal charges.

Photo: TNA


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