Teaching Airport Taxis Beyond “Where You Go?”


Taxi drivers operating from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport will be the first to undergo a free crash course in basic English speaking and writing, following an agreement signed between the Thailand Professional Qualification Institute, the Department of Skill Development and Airports of Thailand.

Outside of the airport, the taxi drivers are the first point of interaction for many foreigners visiting Thailand and the idea is to make a good impression.

The Department of Skill Development initiated the ‘English for Taxi Drivers’ programme as a training course in basic English conversation and writing for cabbies, covering introductory greetings and giving information about tourist spots.

Pisit Rangsaritwutikul, director of the Thailand Professional Qualification Institute, said cabbies would undergo a one day training and then sit a writing test, followed on the second day with an interviewing test on their English speaking skills and understanding as well as proper service for tourists.

Cabbies passing the training will be issued with a certificate good for three years, but which can be confiscated if a cabbie’s actions or behaviour warrants so.

According to Airports of Thailand there are about 6,000 taxi drivers in need of training in safe driving and provision of customer friendly service.


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