Favourite Thai Desserts Make World’s Best Listing


Mango with sticky rice and Thapthim Krop – two favourite Thai dessert dishes – are among “the greatest sweets on the planet” says CNN Travel.

Whether or not you consider the 24-hour news network’s travel channel to be the definitive authority on the world’s best desserts is, much like what you decide to have for your pudding, up to you. We just love it each time Thai cuisine is given the international recognition it deserves.

And hey, we reckon mango with sticky rice and Thapthim Krop certainly are two of the most gorgeous desserts found anywhere on the planet.

In its list of 50 of the world’s best desserts, CNN Travel said of mango with sticky rice:

A ripe, tender dish of sticky rice with mango is among the world’s most perfect desserts. This traditional sweet begins with the glutinous rice that’s grown in paddies across Southeast Asia, and the starchy grains combine with rich coconut milk and palm sugar for a treat that retains a chewy bite even when it’s perfectly soft.

The sweet world of mangoes includes hundreds and hundreds of cultivars, but for a truly Thai sticky rice with mango there are just two favoured varieties: choose between nam dok mai, a sweet, yellow fruit that’s pertly curvaceous, or aok rong, whose higher acidity offers a pleasant counterpoint to the sweet rice.

And of Thapthim Krop:

After a fiery meal of Thai cuisine, Thapthim Krop cools with crushed ice and a sweetened coconut liquid infused with pandan leaves.

While often compared with vanilla, pandan has a lifting aroma all its own, but for Thapthim Krop lovers the ‘rubies’ are the real treasure. For these, water chestnuts are soaked in vivid grenadine syrup, rolled in tapioca flour, then boiled. The result is a sweet bite that’s both chewy and slightly crunchy, with a hint of salt from the coconut broth.


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