Bangkok’s Best-In-The-World Street Food Can Be Better, Says Minister


Bangkok’s street food is famous for its scintillating flavours, exotic aromas and smorgasbord-like variety and it’s been rated the best in the world by CNN. Still, according to the country’s tourism minister, there’s need of an upgrade.

Weerasak Kowsurat said Tuesday he would meet with the Ministry of Public Health and the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration on how to upgrade the quality of dishes sold by street food vendors in the capital. Representatives of the two agencies would be invited for discussion on street food hygiene measures, including the proper storing of ingredients and cleaning of utensils.

The tourism ministry will work with municipalities in other provinces to boost street food quality in cities around the country.

Weerasak said his ministry was also planning to run an awareness campaign that would explain to tourists the characteristics of various street food dishes and thus help them get more out of their Thai street food experience.


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