Football Betting Crackdown Nets 2,811 Bosses, Bet-takers, Bet-makers


In an operation against football gambling that ran throughout June, 2,811 soccer gambling bosses, bet-takers and bet-makers in Bangkok were found guilty in court and slapped with fines altogether totalling THB 2.811 million (USD 85,090).

Deputy commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Bureau, Pol Maj Gen Phanurat Lakboon, said that among this number were 49 bookmakers – 36 of whom were running online betting websites – and over 2,700 punters. The remainder were those who worked for the gambling bosses, taking bets.

While the punters and the employees of the bosses were fined THB 1,000 (USD 30) each, the bookmakers were fined THB 1,000 each and jailed for three months.

Police also seized THB 183,535 (USD 5,555) in cash and have asked for cooperation from banks to freeze accounts of bookmakers worth THB 27 million (USD 817,300).

Phanurat said legal action had also been taken against 16 internet idols and celebrities for enticing people to break the law by betting through gambling websites. Another 21 celebrities had been summoned to face similar charges on 4 July.


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