Bangkok police raid soccer gambling website


Bangkok police raided a gambling den that was operating the illegal online soccer gambling website, an affiliated site of, apprehending eight people and confiscating the electronic equipment they were using.

Authorities are concerned over an expected rise in soccer gambling with the 2018 FIFA World Cup coming up from 14 June to 15 July in Russia. They are aiming to reduce gambling during the cup, and have laid out a plan with a particular focus on preventing children and youths from engaging in gambling.

The raid on the gambling den was at a townhome in Gusto Grand Ramkhamhaeng village in Bangkok’s Saphan Sung district. The equipment confiscated included three personal computers, 10 computer monitors, three laptops and 16 mobile phones, as well as plans for promoting the illegal website.

The suspects arrested were awaiting further legal proceedings.

Investigations showed the website was part of an international crime syndicate and had profited by some THB 120 million (USD 3.75 million). It had been operating through a Thai server for more than eight months, and attracted over 900 regular gamblers monthly.

Photo: Daorung Sinnok on Facebook


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