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With a shorter runtime than the Full-On, the PVAT tells a story in clear and concise fashion with easily digestible Pictures, Video And Text. The viewer is presented with the right, need to know facts and none of the fluff or unnecessary filler that can detract from the story.

What Makes A Person A Hero?

  Would you look the other way when help is needed, or would you stand up and be someone's hero? Meet The Volunteer Charity Thailand.

Introducing The Odourless Durian

Known as the 'king of fruits', durian is no stranger to controversy thanks to its famous - or infamous - smell. Now, Thailand is offering...

Dual Urn Bracelet For Pets

  Will you 'wear' your pets after they pass on? This is urn bracelets taken to the next level.

Train Night Market Ratchada: 1,000 Baht Shopping Challenge

Be warned! You may lose track of time when you shop at this Bangkok market. In this episode, it's the 1,000 Baht Challenge on shopping...

Plastic Seals On Thai Water Bottles To Be Discontinued

  Small change, big reduction in pollution in Thailand? Notice the small plastic strip found on nearly all bottled water caps in Thailand? These are going away...

5 Protein Rich Thai Dishes To Keep You Buff

  These are five high protein Thai dishes every athlete should know. They are tasty and available anywhere in Thailand.

Train Night Market Ratchada: 1,000 Baht Food And Drinks Challenge

  The authentic Thai night market experience. In this episode, it's the 1,000 Baht Challenge on food and drinks at Train Night Market Ratchada (Talad-Nud-Rodfai-Ratchada). We see...

Bangkok’s Prison-Themed Hostel

  With a prison theme throughout, Sook Station offers a unique and comfortable stay in Bangkok with a difference!

Giant Limes In Thailand

  Look at those melons! Oh wait, they’re mega limes!

Get To Know Thailand’s Baht Coins

Coming to Thailand? Avoid coinage confusion with our quick and easy guide to the country’s coins.

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