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With a shorter runtime than the Full-On, the PVAT tells a story in clear and concise fashion with easily digestible Pictures, Video And Text. The viewer is presented with the right, need to know facts and none of the fluff or unnecessary filler that can detract from the story.

Thailand’s Master Toymakers

  See how a small team of Thai toymakers has secured a deal with Marvel.  

Killer Jellyfish In Thailand

  The most important things you need to know about these dangerous creatures, and how to stay out of trouble if you should cross paths...

Train Night Market Ratchada: 1,000 Baht Shopping Challenge

Be warned! You may lose track of time when you shop at this Bangkok market. In this episode, it's the 1,000 Baht Challenge on shopping...

Phuang Malai: Thailand’s Authentic Flower Garlands

  All throughout Thailand you will see these flower garlands. Consider yourself blessed and lucky to give, receive or even create one! Stay tuned for more...

Is Vaping Really Illegal In Thailand?

  Vaping in Thailand? Then you really need to watch this!

Party of Illusions

  Thailand's best optical illusion event is inspired by moon and solar eclipses. The whole installation took months in the planning and 10 days to create. Thankyou SOUR...

Blood Paintings

  Darisa 'Riety' Karnpoj is a professional freelance illustrator. She paints with blood to 'capture' her subject's 'soul'. "Have them all for myself. Capture their soul." Riety...

Best Restaurants in Pattaya City That Locals Enjoy

Looking for the best places to eat in Pattaya? Here are 3 top spots where the locals like to dine.

Bangkok’s Cafe La Rose – Where You Can Try Edible Flowers

  Have you ever wondered if flowers are edible? Well, now's your chance to find out! There's floral pasta, floral soda and coffee, even floral ice...

This Coffee is Shi*t and You’ll Love It

  Civet Cat Coffee or Kopi Luwak is known as a luxury commodity for its rarity and complex production process. But it is also known that...

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Thailand Well Placed To Meet 2018 Target Of 36 Million Visitors

Thailand received 34.4 million international visitors in the January-November 2018 period, posting a growth of 7.53 percent over the same 2017 period and placing...
TAT Amazing Thailand 2019 Countdown - Featured

‘Amazing Thailand’ New Year Events Set For 5 Locations Around Thailand

This New Year the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) will hold ‘Amazing Thailand Countdown 2019’ celebrations in Bangkok and four emerging tourism provinces in...
Bangkok Air Pollution Continues - Featured

Fifth Day Of Dangerously Polluted Air In Bangkok

For the fifth straight day on Monday, Bangkok and areas in its vicinity continued to be plagued by dangerous air pollution. The Pollution Control Department...