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With a shorter runtime than the Full-On, the PVAT tells a story in clear and concise fashion with easily digestible Pictures, Video And Text. The viewer is presented with the right, need to know facts and none of the fluff or unnecessary filler that can detract from the story.

5 Protein Rich Thai Dishes To Keep You Buff

  These are five high protein Thai dishes every athlete should know. They are tasty and available anywhere in Thailand.

Lotus Seed Nutrition Bar

  Lotus seeds can be used to make impressively healthy, low calorie nutrition bars. Here we show you how to make your own bars at home,...

The Sanctuary Of Truth, A Magnificent Structure Made Entirely Of Wood

  Gracing the Pattaya beachfront, The Sanctuary of Truth is the largest complex of its kind in Thailand. Ancient wood joining techniques were used in...

Blood Paintings

  Darisa 'Riety' Karnpoj is a professional freelance illustrator. She paints with blood to 'capture' her subject's 'soul'. "Have them all for myself. Capture their soul." Riety...

How To Make Your Own Nutrition Bar

  Are you worried nutrition bars in the stores might contain too much preservatives, or nutrients that don't fit your health goals? Try making your...

Thai Cave Rescue Heroes Immortalized

  A Thai cave rescue mission that gripped the world will forever be remembered by the work of artists.

How The Elderly Combat Alzheimer’s And Dementia In Thailand

  With Thailand being an aging society, the country is finding ways to keep the elderly active and healthy. They’re going back to school to have...

Cooking With Poo

  People from around the world are cooking with Poo when they come to Bangkok. You can too.

Five Diabetic Friendly Thai Dishes

  Dietitian and wellness coach Nancy Wongsearaya MS, RD shares five easy and tasty dishes that she recommends to her clients who are diabetic.

5 Proven Benefits Of Coconuts

  Coconut products are said to have many interesting health benefits. Some claims are false. But here are some scientifically proven benefits. It's claimed there are...

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