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Friday, January 22, 2021
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With a shorter runtime than the Full-On, the PVAT tells a story in clear and concise fashion with easily digestible Pictures, Video And Text. The viewer is presented with the right, need to know facts and none of the fluff or unnecessary filler that can detract from the story.

Truck Sticker Artist

  This man 'carves' his creations of art on trucks, tractors, helicopters and planes with just his trusty cutter. See how he does it.

Madame Tank

  Meet Thailand's 'Madame Tank', a former teacher and everyday civilian who has built an armoured vehicle empire and forged links with military big-wigs the...

Thailand’s Bangkaew Dogs

  Meet Thailand's most fearsome fluff.

Party of Illusions

  Thailand's best optical illusion event is inspired by moon and solar eclipses. The whole installation took months in the planning and 10 days to create. Thankyou SOUR...

Thai Ghosts: Lore and Legend

  These Thai ghosts have haunted Thais as long as we can remember, now let them haunt your dreams too.

Problems Thai Transwomen Still Face Today

  On the surface, Thailand seems like an LGBT-friendly country. But is it really? Let's look at some of the problems Thai transwomen still face today.

Sea of Red Lotus

  Now’s the perfect time to go there! Watch if you want to find out where.

Thailand’s Cock Gambling Explained

  Are cock fights a tradition in Thailand? A pastime? Is it animal cruelty? Or is it their true nature to fight?

Traditional Thai Dancing

  Many styles of Thai dancing exist and they are all known to be beautiful and graceful. Special thanks to Triam Udom Suksa Nom Klao Nonthaburi...

Pad Thai Origins

  Pad Thai is enjoyed around the world. But do you know the dish’s history? Pad Thai Origins Pachat Tiptus, Decoding Thainess Curator of Museum Siam said, "It’s a...

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