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The Full-On takes an indepth and explanatory approach to its topic with the aim of not just informing the viewer but to also provide context for a better understanding. Necessary details and facts are presented with relevance and clarity.

Thailand’s Sex Change Industry

  Getting a sex change has never been easier. Find out why Thailand is THE place when it comes to this type of procedure.

Thailand’s Magical Tattoos

  NewsOps takes you on a journey into the Sak Yant or ‘magical tattoo’ culture of Thailand. What powers do Sak Yant tattoos grant? What rules...

5 Breeds Of Siamese Cat You Never Knew Existed

  How much do you know about the gorgeous Siamese cat, one of the world’s most adored felines? Stay tuned for more videos updated regularly. Like, Share,...

The Failure Of Thailand’s Justice System

  A recent public opinion survey showed how many Thais have lost faith in their country's justice system. Here's a look into why, and some of...

Truth About Thai Wildlife Rangers

  Thailand's unsung heroes face the threat of injury even death in their ongoing mission to protect the country's remaining forests and the wildlife that...

Is This Silk Armour Plate Bulletproof?

  This armour plate is made of silk. Its inventors say it's strong enough to stop bullets. NewsOps recently had an exclusive opportunity to put the...

The Bum Gun

Wash or wipe? World’s leading Bum Gun advocate shows you how using the Bum Gun can also help save the environment... and koala bears.

Thailand’s Sticker Culture

  In Thailand, people share all sorts of feelings and personality through stickers. Horniness included.

Excessive Levels Of Pesticides In Thailand’s Fruits And Vegetables

Have fruits and vegetables become dangerous to eat? Pesticide levels found in produce is now at unacceptable levels in many major food exporting countries. NewsOps investigates: -...

Is Thailand’s FDA Creating a Health Risk?

  Some pharmacists say Thailand's Food and Drug Administration is trying to push through new drug laws that will make it easier for convenience stores...

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Thailand Well Placed To Meet 2018 Target Of 36 Million Visitors

Thailand received 34.4 million international visitors in the January-November 2018 period, posting a growth of 7.53 percent over the same 2017 period and placing...
TAT Amazing Thailand 2019 Countdown - Featured

‘Amazing Thailand’ New Year Events Set For 5 Locations Around Thailand

This New Year the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) will hold ‘Amazing Thailand Countdown 2019’ celebrations in Bangkok and four emerging tourism provinces in...
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Fifth Day Of Dangerously Polluted Air In Bangkok

For the fifth straight day on Monday, Bangkok and areas in its vicinity continued to be plagued by dangerous air pollution. The Pollution Control Department...