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Friday, January 22, 2021
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In a world of endless information about food and nutrition, what is it actually that we are suppose to eat? From a normal eater perspective and from a dietitian perspective, we believe that all can live healthily one health tip at a time. Join us as we skip all the health jargon and break it down real simple health tips suitable for all and the latest food fads and health trends.

Alternatives For MSG To Achieve Umami - Featured Image

Alternatives For MSG To Achieve UMAMI

Show Notes 1.20 min          What is MSG? 3.10 min          The Chinese Restaurant Syndrome. 9.10 min         ...
Symptoms of Depression and How Good Nutrition Can Help - Featured Image

Symptoms of Depression and How Good Nutrition Can Help

Show Notes: 1.12 min          What is Depression? 2.55 min          Symptoms of Depression. 10.47 min        Foods that...
Food For Healthy Looking Skin - Featured Image

Food For Healthy Looking Skin

Healthy eating is not a new campaign, but not only does it stave off illnesses, it makes us look and feel healthy by giving...
Sugar, is it actually addictive - featured image

Sugar: Is It Actually Addictive?

The sugar ‘high’ is not new to many, especially to those with a sweet tooth. All these pretty dessert artwork we put in our...
What you need to know about a Ketogenic Diet - Featured Image

What You Need To Know About A Ketogenic Diet

Have you heard of the Ketogenic Diet? Is someone close to you on the diet and makes you wonder what is the theory behind...
Intermittent Fasting is it worth the try - Featured Image

Intermittent Fasting: Is It Worth The Try?

Intermittent Fasting has been gaining popularity for a couple of years and for some it has shown great results while others may run into...
Healthy Cooking Oils and How To Use Them - Featured Image

Healthy Cooking Oils & How To Use Them

With so many cooking oils in the market and more information on what oils are more healthy than others; which oils do we turn...
Trans Fat Explained Featued Image 800x500

Trans Fat Explained

It is not new information to many that “Trans fat” is associated with increased risk of coronary artery diseases. However, recent FDA announcement in...
Are fruits good or bad for diabetics - Featured Image

Fruits, Good Or Bad For Diabetics? Or Those Just On A Diet?

This episode we go over fruits! May seem simple, but for some people with diabetes, figuring out the portions and how much is actually...
What to look for in a nutrition bar - Healthy Nomnoms ep2 featured image

What To Look For In A Nutrition Bar

With the variety of nutrition bars in the market nowadays, how can one select a quality bar that is truly nutritious. Nutrition bars come...

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